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the impaler


COBRA THE IMPALER is a band full of titans from the Belgian and international metal scene.

The brainchild of Tace DC (ex-Aborted, Hæster, Horses on Fire), saw life when this experienced guitarist got homesick for the heavier stuff and decided to start a new project with a group of experienced fellow musicians. On stage, the avid metalhead will no doubt recognize former Horses on Fire colleague Mike Def. James Falck (BEAR), Ace Zec (Haester, Customs) and Manuel Remmerie (Majestic Sun, Von Detta) also play in the band. Enormous big names, who make this and a well-oiled machine.

The debut of the band from Ghent, 'Colossal Gods', was released last year and is a 'masterclass in modern metal' that combines the best of both worlds: heavy riffs and gigantic grooves, but also clean vocals and carefully crafted melodies. The album tells about the world of heroes, gods and monsters and combines elements of groove, thrash and classic heavy metal. In short: a beautiful record that throws the heavier guitar work back into the spotlight and is certainly worth listening to.

A band full of titans from the Belgian and international metal scene.

Cobra the Impaler is a name to keep an eye on in the near future. No wonder then that they have already crushed Eurosonic Noorderslag this year. Come and admire the raw power of this all star band on July 1 in Nederland Drie!


“Cobra The Impaler, a new unit on the battlefield, but without green behind the ears. Experienced hands who will dominate and define the field of Belgian metal like a glittering beacon through their precision and decisiveness.”

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