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Masterfest 2023 will take place on June 30 - July 1 in the Westlandse Pop Center Netherlands Three:


Lange Spruit 84

2291 LC  Wateringen


Nederland Drie is a 7-minute walk from the nearest bus stop: Plein. Buses leave here for Naaldwijk and Rijswijk/Zoetermeer. There are also three bicycle sheds and ample free parking at Nederland.


Do you have a disability? We got you covered! 


More information about opening hours, catering and ticket sales will appear on this page as the festival approaches!





If you think you're going to a festival, you should first find out whether there is a disabled toilet. Don't worry, we've also thought of that at Masterfest, because Nederland Three is completely wheelchair-friendly. There is room for your car, there are no thresholds inside and there is a Miva toilet where you can come independently with your racing monster. Please also let us know if you want to keep your medicines in the refrigerator.


We don't have a wheelchair stage, but isn't it much more fun to listen to music with everyone in the front? Nederland Drie is not a big pop venue, so we guarantee that you can fully enjoy the talent on stage! Of course you can always contact us with questions or comments. We can be recognized by the shirts with 'Crew' on it.

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