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Contemporary metal

Rarely do you find a Dutch modern metal band with a sound as unique as that of FOR I AM KING.

With a mix of personal and deep lyrics, intense live shows and a strong portfolio full of modern, complex instrumentals, the Amsterdammers manage to put on a compelling whirlwind of a show time and time again. Add to this the charisma and enormous talent of front and power woman Alma Alizadeh and you understand why FOR I AM KING was high on our wish list for the Friday night of Masterfest.

Rarely do you find a Dutch modern metal band with a sound as unique as that of FOR I AM KING.

FOR I AM KING has also attracted a lot of attention internationally: since its formation in 2013, the band has played on stages all over the world: from the prestigious Wacken Open Air – even before the release of the debut album – to various stages in the UK, Germany, Japan and even China, just to name a few.

FOR I AM KING's previous album is called 'I' and is a strong production of a high musical level. Brutal screaming, powerful drums and guitar violence that the greatest metal bands could learn from. Aardschok already knew how to put it perfectly for us: this is metal of premier league level! Together with FIAK we are therefore very proud of the new album, 'Crown', which was released on January 19  and will be the proverbial crown on the band's ten-year career.

Listen to the new album now:


“The Netherlands can honestly count itself a treasure richer with For I Am Kinga nd his new album I. Metal with a capital 'M' of an unprecedented high level!” - Heavy metals


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