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Paul & Stefanie

Masterfest could never have existed without the creativity of Paul and Stefanie de Zeeuw. For ten years now, this dynamic duo has shared the same passion: music! The two breathe creativity.


Over the years, Paul and Stefanie have been able to visit quite a few concerts and festivals. It was a big dream of theirs to one day organize a festival themselves; one that became reality in 2019 with the first edition of Masterfest, a party that 'got out of hand' in honor of the guitar school's 10th anniversary  The Guitar Master . And that tasted like more!


Paul de Zeeuw has been making since he was 17theall music. After years of taking lessons from various teachers and at the conservatory, he decided to share his passion and start teaching himself. This eventually led to his own guitar school, which he founded together with his wife Stefanie in 2009: “The Guitar Master.”

That guitar school has grown into a real meeting place for musicians. Because Paul not only teaches, but is also a coach for his students and since 2020 even runs his own guitar shop in the school: The Guitar Master Shop. By organizing masterclasses, clinics and trips to fairs and concerts, he provides his students with various tools to develop themselves as musicians and to gain new inspiration. The student days and Masterfest were of course true highlights. With the birth of his own festival, Paul has fulfilled a long-cherished wish: to put Westland Region on the map when it comes to music and rock culture. And with the second edition, it is now time to continue this momentum.

Passion, expertise, perseverance and development; those are some of the things Paul stands for. In addition, he is also very sporty and does not hide his love for cycling. His school is full of subtle (and not-so-subtle) references to his beloved Celeste race bike, which comes from the Italian brand Bianchi. He also follows motorsport with great enthusiasm and is a big fan of none other than Valentino Rossi.

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Stefanie has also been involved with music day and night for more than ten years. She likes to go out with Paul to see upcoming bands play, but of course she doesn't turn her nose up at the big names you must see once!

As a graphic designer/designer, Stefanie always looks at the complete picture when it comes to music. For example, Paul and Stefanie now have a large vinyl and CD collection with gems of designs on the cover. By the way, don't forget the many poster screen prints, patches or T-shirts; the whole house breathes music and passion!

In a regular working week, Stefanie always has a list of albums ready that she wants to listen to that week. This can be heavy MathCore, but also jazz, for example. Stefanie: “If something is good, you simply cannot ignore it.” After years of helping Paul as 'right hand' with all the activities around the guitar school, she and Paul took the step to the next chapter: Masterfest!

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