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The organization behind Masterfest is run by Paul and Stefanie de Zeeuw from guitar school and shop  The Guitar Master .

After years of being active as a music fanatic and teacher at various guitar schools, Paul de Zeeuw opened guitar school 'The Guitar Master' in Naaldwijk in 2009 together with his wife Stefanie. In this way, Paul was finally able to devote himself 100 percent to his work and to further develop his teaching philosophy.

Concert in zaal


The guitar school has now grown into a true meeting place for musicians, because Paul does his best to inspire and coach his students, even outside of class time. For example, he organizes masterclasses, clinics, fairs and joint outings to concerts with his students.

For several years now, the showroom of Paul and Stefanie's guitar shop, The Guitar Master Shop, located in the school. Musicians can go there for instruments, amplifiers, accessories or just a good cup of coffee. The power duo is always ready for personal advice and encourages people to first get acquainted with the guitar and amplifier and see if the sound, look and feel suit them. In this way they hope that they will find that one guitar that has their name written on its body.

In 2019, the school existed ten years. Over the years, Paul and Stefanie had organized many different events, including student days and the Let's Make Music Festival. So Masterfest was a logical next step for them: “Organizing your own festival, how cool is that?”

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