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Updated: Dec 26, 2022

Masterfest date is setteld!

We'll keep it exciting for a while regarding the Line-Up & Ticket sales, but we'll reveal the date for Masterfest 2023!

Friday June 30 & Saturday July 1, 2023 WPC Nederland 3 in Wateringen will shake to its foundations and Masterfest may even reach the Richter scale.

Mark the date in your diary with a thick red or pink/purple marker!

The anticipation is already a party for us and we hope to be able to announce more soon. It is already clear to us that it will be a party. :)

We would also like to put our main sponsor Dijckerhoek project development in the spotlight who makes this festival possible. Thank you so much for the support and trust!

Team Masterfest

PS: For those who had already bought a ticket in 2020 (you know what happened) it will of course remain valid.

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