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Green Lizard

ft. Rudeboy

Tribute to the Nineties.

We proudly present the headliner of Masterfest: A full show by Green Lizard ft. Rudeboy.


After two successful tours of Green Lizard tribute to Nirvana it is now time to do a tribute to the nineties. So not only from the band Nirvana but also songs from Urban Dance Squad, Smashing Pumpkins & Alice In Chains. Especially Urban Dance Squad, as these songs are performed by the original singer of this legendary band. Expect a set with really nothing but squatters. In short, this successful collaboration is being taken to an even higher level.


(Formerly Steak number eight)

With the original line-up they are back in 2019 under a new name and produce are hyper atmospheric grunge coreor maybePost Metal oriented melodic Sludge. Go see the band live and experience the raw, unpolished songs.


An explosive live band that you have to see to understand.

Life's Electric

This Dutch rock band has a love for bands like The Used, Breaking Benjamin and Bring me the Horizon. The Rotterdam rockers guarantee a tight show full of riffs, hooks and melodies.


The band was awarded 'Serious Talent' by 3FM and subsequently played aftershows for Nickelback, Volbeat, Bring me the Horizon, Muse, Avenged Sevenfold, Sixx: AM and Nothing More, among others.


Soon the band will release special news with which the band will take the next step in their career. 


The guitar has always fascinated me. A lot of music was played and played in my parents' house. As a result, I grew up with the classical music of my parents, but also with the heavy metal and pop music that I inherited from my brothers. Because of this I had - and have - an interest in and experience with many different styles of music. 

In 2019, the school has existed for 10 years and has organized many different events over the years together with Stefanie.

The guitar school is more than a guitar school. It is a meeting place for musicians who are inspired. I am also a coach for the student and provide various tools to help the musician  develop at his own pace.

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